Page eighty five

“When i opened my eyes, i saw a demon at the end of my bed. He was looking and lurking, which really freaked me out. He was at least six feet tall and looked like the silhouette of a man. However, the silhouette was three dimensional and completely black. It just walked across my room looking at me.”

Page eighty five in the book by an ex-schizophrenic named andrew gadtke, “regular and decaf” is the name of the book. I say ex-schizophrenic because that is what he is now, he was schizophrenic and now he is not for some reason.

I saw my own silhouette during my psychosis, silhouette of a man, three dimensional, darker than dark, appeared conscious.

How many people on here have seen them? Any folks that are not schizophrenic reading this and have seen any please come on and share your story.

Are they real? Just a hallucination? Anyone wanna take a stab at explaining this?

Why do your average non-crazy folk see them also?

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This book sounds interesting. :slight_smile: I don’t know a lot about shadow people. I know it’s a fairly common phenomena. Theories exist that: they are time travelers or interdimensional beings that must carry some strength to be visible enough for humans to see. But maybe there are spirits around us all the time.

My first impression is that it’s just a hallucination of sorts, and my guess says that the author was experiencing some spiritual doppleganger of himself. A twin of his soul, anima, or something unusual trying to send him a message. Perhaps a guardian or a fallen angel, but one sitting at the crossroads. Maybe he was at a crossroads in life.

When dealing with schizophrenia, there are certain pieces of ourselves that jump out in effort to communicate or put the pieces together. That is probably why a lot of people with a mental disease have more paranormal or spiritual experiences.

The spiritual helps heal schizophrenia. While, being deeply deluded is not helpful, it does indeed help to have a grounded basis of faith and inspiration to act as a guide map through difficult times.

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My non-sz 29-yr old daughter has said she has seen a dark shadowy human size figure in her bedroom a couple of times. She lives in her own home and there have been a few odd occurrences there. She says that on occasion she hears what sounds like someone shuffling cards, but there is no one else in the house but her.

My 25-yr old sz son lives in our home in his basement apartment most of the time. On two different occasions, both at night, he has let out a blood curdling scream. As my blood drained down to my feet and my heart was pounding through my chest, I went to the top of the stairs and asked him if he was ok. Both times he has said “I’m ok - I’m fine”. When he answers, his voice sounds surprisingly normal to me. Of course I’m immensely relieved to hear his normal voice say he’s ok, but I’m confused and concerned as to what happens to him to make him do this.

Same here. Funny, I have never heard anyone else ever describe it this way before.

Once while hiding in the front closet without doors among the jackets, late at night naturally, waiting to catch my supposedly sleeping husband sneaking down the hall and peek in my room that I had left the door open, light on, and radio on. After about an hour, I heard footsteps, then saw a shadow, then two!
Knowing it was only my husband and I in the house, I got excited.
Without warning, I jumped out of my hiding spot and startled two dark human sized shadows. They looked like they had black suits on, including a long turtleneck and hat. It looked like they had cloth covering their skin. They were as surprised as I was, and quickly ran past me, bumping me hard into the wall, and ran into my room, and locked the door!
I began yelling open this door while pulling the handle, but it was definitely locked. I ran in to the adjacent room and saw them climb out the window and run out the back. All the commotion woke my husband who yelled at me to go to bed, he wouldn’t have nothing to do with it.

Should i put this post in the delusions section malvok?

omg that encounter sounds terrifying! I bet you were scared to death to go to bed. I would have been.

I’ve only seen one apparition. My older brother and I had gone by bus to see our aunts, uncles and cousins in Alabama. I was about 11. My grandparents had since passed – my Uncle George and Aunt Bass lived in their old white frame farmhouse, where all the bedrooms had fireplaces, doors to one another and a bare bulb in the middle of each room with a pull string for on/off.

My brother had gone to bed in the sleeping porch in his usual attire - white tshirt and underwear. I startled awake in the middle of the night, wide awake, and there was a human size white figure next to my bed. I thought it was my brother and kept asking him “Jeff, what are you doing, Jeff…Jeff…” All of a sudden I realized that it was an apparition and not Jeff. I was so paralyzed with fear I couldn’t even scream, somehow managed to slink off the bed and go into the adjoining bedroom and crawl into bed with my cousin, shaking like a leaf. She made me go get back into my bed.

That was one of the most terrifying things I have ever done was to walk back into that pitch black bedroom, to the middle of the room before I could reach the string to turn on the light. I later found out my grandmother had passed away in that bedroom.

I had never seen a ghost before that and have never seen one since, and don’t want to!

Yikes! That would have scared me too!
Strangely enough the two dark figures didn’t scare me because at the time, I was so distracted by them going into my room and especially locking the door.

Another time I was alone (naturally) and watched nonchalantly as a man dressed all in black with a tall “stovepipe” hat touching the ceiling (looking like a chimney sweeper) but his feet didn’t touch the floor. He floated about a foot off the floor and I was watching TV in another room, glanced up and watched him float down the hallway, and thought to myself, oh, he always does that.
It took a few seconds to kick in that that wasn’t right.
All the hair on my neck stood up and I ran outside so fast I don’t even remember opening the door.

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when we moved into an old victorian cottage we saw a dense black shadow formed like a tall well built man. no features discerbable just dense and black, about 5 10 tall. it floated down the stairs, down the hallway, rattled the chain on the front door and disappeared. i was in the dining room with my kids. it was the first night we moved in and we all saw it. to this day i don’t know what it was or what it was trying to say by rattling the security chain. if it hadn’t rattled the chain i could say that it might not be sentient but since it did, i don’t know. i don’t know how long the chain had been there…obviously not since victorian times. the door was modern as was the chain…i dunno what it was but i was so shocked that it took me a minute to regain my senses. by the tim i got up to follow it, it had gone and i was left none the wiser. it still baffles me to this day. i would love to know what it was and the message it was trying to convey. but alas i’ve not seen one since. i don’t know why some ghosts r white and some black…maybe they r just different coloured people? who knows, maybe they r dimension hoppers or time travellers. i didn’t get the feeling that it wanted too harm me…then again i was so shocked that i didn’t feel much of anything except wtf!.

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Did anyone die not long after you saw the figure?
I saw on a TV show about ghosts, that the figure in black could be an “undertaker” letting you know of an impending death.
After watching that show, I thought real hard if anyone had died around that time (it was over 20 years that I saw that figure) and sure enough, I realized it was my grandmother who died unexpectedly about a week after seeing the figure.