Pacing the floor

More and more often I find myself pacing the floor in my house. I walk from the kitchen, down the hall to the bathroom and back again, over and over, taking small steps and looking at the floor. I don’t know why. Maybe that’s just my way of killing time. Anybody else do anything like that?

I used to pace a lot in public and people used to laugh at me. I would bring up this issue with your pdoc.

I pace a lot when I’m not doing that well. I’ll pace in a circle a lot.
The one I hate is I go into the bathroom and forget what I was going to do, so I go back to the bedroom to try and jog my memory, but I can’t so I go back to the bathroom and still can’t remember, so I go back to the bedroom, wondering why, so I go back… on and on

i pace too. out of agitation

I was pacing earlier. I may be doing it out of agitation too. It definitely seems like I’m not feeling anything good while I do it.

i used to have this problem very bad after i was hospitalized…when i was in the hospital i would pace back and forth between the rooms over and over because i was bored, and i just got through a psychotic episode…then for maybe a month or more i would pace around my living room back and forth over and over, my anxiety was through the roof, i couldn’t play games or be on the computer for minutes at a time, and get back up and pace again, it was horrible, i think this was around the time i had suicidal thoughts…the p doc said it will pass with time and he wasn’t lying, it took some time until i got back into my regular routine…at the social club i see people pacing, so i don’t know if its the same for everyone, and they do as you say pacing and looking at the floor…

I’ve seen my brother do the same thing and at a clubhouse for mentally ill people I went to for a while a woman there would do it too. So, I guess I’m acting pretty normal for a crazy person. I feel better after using these forums because it turns out other people do what I do.