Overcoming akathesia

I overcame my Akathesia for tonight and the mindlessness that goes with my Latuda. I took the Latuda early afternoon because it’s immediate effects are bad if you aren’t sleepy I’m staying up very late maybe all night though it seems irresponsible. I saw someone here bought a very small record player and I had just enough money to buy one myself so now I can buy used records. I’m psyched! A new source of music. I don’t know where to put it, my place is small.

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The conventional wisdom is to take Latuda at night time

For me they prescribed it for morning



I’m asking my pdoc next week for medicine for my Akathesia. The propranolol is not good enough. I’m also going to tell her about taking Latuda in the daytime. The akathesia and the nighttime are a bad combo for me.

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I had Akasthsia last time I was on Latuda.

The reason I don’t have it now, according to the pdoc, is the Diazepam and Pregabalin

So far that logic stands up, but we’ll see how long for

I sympathise with your situation. It’s a rough thing to be going through

Hopefully you can find a counter measure before it gets to switching meds

i get mild akathesia from my risperdal. it only bothers me in bed and doesnt last long. i tense and stretch my legs it helps. in the hospital it was so bad i had to get up and walk the hall. reading helps.

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I guess I’m a bit of an odd ball because I do both. I split my pill in half. I take 30mg in the morning with breakfast, then 30mg in the evening with dinner. I experienced akathisia with 60mg so I started doing that to eliminate my akathisia and it worked for almost 2 years, but then akathisia started happening even when I took 30mg so now I take Trazodone at the same time as my Latuda to eliminate the akathisia.

Is that completely effective?

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I do believe that you are on a low dose of Latuda.

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Propranolol helped great for akathisia for me!

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Latuda gave me horrible akathisia after taking it at night, couldn’t sleep.

Maybe the propranolol is working better than I thought.

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It is completely effective for me, but i had to play around with the dosage to find what worked. I now take 50mg of Trazodone at night when I take 30mg of Latuda with dinner, and 25mg of Trazodone in the morning when I take 30mg of Latuda with breakfast.

Here is the article I read and the reason I wanted to use Trazodone…

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Yeah, 60mg a day, split up 30mg with breakfast and 30mg with dinner.

Thanks @Headspark :slight_smile:

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