Over and forever

I need urgent help… if not - it’s over. Over and forever.

you know, my son, Down syndrome,

in Special Olympics, he got on a 3 wheel bike with no brakes,
and very little resistance in pedaling,

and he competed, bicycling down the whole street,
and he never gave up.


@disciple we be good friends, still?

you like me?

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I read some of your other threads…that you take a very heavy load of different anti-psychotics. Medications can create new negative symptoms, especially high doses.

If you are not feeling well on your current meds I suggest you ask your doctor to take you off one or more of the drugs you are on now and try something different.

If I was in your shoes I would try all third generation ap’s to see if I found something I could function on without too much side effects.

I mean if you take all those drugs and you are still feeling a bit delusional, they aren’t even working properly.

Don’t give up. Just ask your doc to try something different, or get a new doctor if your current one is unwilling or out of ideas. There are always options.

Of course. We were friends on the old site, too. You always encouraged me with my poetry. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve right now, quit. idk, I always liked your spirit to do it.

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Yeah, it’s feast or famine with me. I’m either writing every day or not at all. I just take it as it comes. Life has taught me that, i suppose.

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