Over 2 weeks without a drink or a cigarette 🍸 🚬

I’ve really noticed a difference for not drinking, been alot more stable. Feeling better for it too. Just hope I can stay away, I think I can. I don’t need in my life what drinking brings.


how’s your replacement for your unwanted habit’s …

I’m vaping an ecig instead of the cigarettes. It’s cheating a bit but alot more healthy.

rootbeer is a good drink to keep one a way from drunking too.

I’ve been drinking loads of cans of diet coke.

Well done, two weeks is a long time to go without a drink or a cigarette. Keep it up!

Same record here, good for us!

well done xxxxxx i stopped smoking now for 14 years xx i can breathe and feel so good no coughing xx and i smell nice xx