Out with the old, in with the new

I’m on my new phone. My old one was free but it was a piece of garbage. It just gave me aggravation for 4 months because it was so hard to operate that I couldn’t do the most basic things on it. It never operated the same way twice and I couldn’t depend on it.
My new phone is made for seniors. The writing is all large and it is made to be uncomplicated and simple to operate. I love it so far. It cost only $70.


Good investment matey. No point having a shite phone you can’t use. Sounds like a deal at $70. Well done!


Not to sound smug, but if I ever have children I think I might be the cool grandad since I grew up with all this technology. My phone is so fast and powerful I hardly use the PC anymore.


I got my mom’s old one cause my dad is a technology freak and wanted her to have an even newer one even though they spent like $900 on this one. I love it…does everything super fast and a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t even figured out yet. Congratulations on your new one. Having a good phone makes things easier and way less frustrating.

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Yes I heard about how bad those Obama phones are. Good you got one you like.:+1::+1:

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I wouldn’t put too much faith in a phone to make things right. You will find yourself dissatisfied with it after a little while.


For now, it makes me happy. The novelty will wear off, but it’s a rare day where I don’t have to make important phone calls and this phone is an absolute pleasure to use.

What’s the name of your phone @77nick77?

jitterbug smart2.

It originally cost $150, marked down to $115. But the electronic store did a quick search and found it for $70 on Amazon.com. and per there policy, I only paid the $70. One feature you may be interested in @pob is that the phone has an icon on its homepage that you can press in an emergency and connect you immediately to a specialist who will help you any way they can. This means medical help, sending a tow truck or an ambulance, helping you if you’re lost, helping you get in your house if you locked yourself out, and helping you in many other situations. You can use this feature any time of day or night, 7 days a week.

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