Out of sorts

Felt out of sorts since yesterday . It’s not quite full akathisia but there’s a certain degree of nervous apprehension and feeling keyed up.

I hope you start feeling better soon. Maybe try drinking a calming herbal tea to help sooth the nerves? Take care.


I agree with @Moonbeam

Unfortunately no herbal teas. Have tried camomile in the past but didn’t like the taste.

Yah, I don’t really like the taste of chamomile tea either. How about peppermint tea?

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Tetley’s has a rather nice Earl Grey Green Tea blend that I’m sure they must sell on your part of the planet. Have you tried that? I also recommend rhubarb flavoured tea. I got some from Teavana last month and it is heavenly.

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Have ordered some peppermint and lemon and ginger tea bags. Would have ordered some echinacea and raspberry as well but couldn’t an amazon prime delivery for those.

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Hope you are feeling up to snuff again soon, sir. :heart:

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Earl Grey and green tea-my idea of a nightmare combination. Not fond of bergamot or green tea, Thanks for the suggestions though.
Will see if Twinings do a rhubarb tea at some point.

I was not expecting to like it, but I did. I can’t abide orange pekoe unless it comes in the form of iced tea. Rooibos makes me physically ill.

Bought rooibos once I think((South African?) . It was ok. Just had my first ordinary cup of tea for several months. Really enjoyed it. Mostly have those sachets of coffee with the occasional mug of Gold blend if I am having a hot drink. Am trying to cut down on the sachet habit and go more on decaff Gold blend but it is hard .