Out of hospital again - and happy to get out!

I’m back at home again :smiley: I went to a general hospital where I was treated not under the best of conditions. There was no bed for me, the psych ward was full and I wasn’t sent to the state psych hospital . I had to sleep on an bloody armchair for three nights and all they did was give me Valium five times a day to make me half dead. Of course the voices had no space because I was so drugged. No med change, but I was told again that I has schizophrenia with borderline personality traits. All in al it was a very frustrating seventh hospitalisation. Basically it was just a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation (or whatever you call it). I see my proper pdoc on the 29th January and the general hospital’s pdoc on the 18th or so, so I hope my med dose kicks in. I would have been asked to be transferred to Valkenberg (my local psych hosp) but my husband was alone at home and needed me, so its better to get treatment from home. I’m still so tired from all that bloody Valium they stuffed down my throat. I’ve certainly had better hospitalisations!

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Welcome back. Take it slow for awhile but sort of keep busy. It’s all baby steps to recovery.

Welcome back home! That sounds rough what you’ve been through, could you not refuse the valium? Hope you all the best!

Welcome back @Hadeda - hope you feel better soon

I wish you much luck in your recovery!

Good for u to be back to home comforts
Good luck

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I’m glad you are back. I hope you feel better.

Welcome back. Wards can be horrible.

Welcome home. I refuse to go to hospital. My pdoc has asked me to go there a few times but I say I’m better off at home where I’m safe.

WB saadiqah! i could sleep or be anywhere on valium an not give one solitary shite can you get me in for a valium holiday??? this could be a new thing.

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