OU looked good

It wasn’t a typical OU football game, with both offenses scoring at will. The OU defense showed up, which was a very positive sign. OSU had the running back with the most yards gained by a running back in the entire season so far, and OU contained him pretty well. Jalen Hurts put in his typically awesome performance. This was a good win for OU. There is a strong intrastate rivalry between the two teams, and both sides have played the spoiler for the other. Next week OU will play Baylor for the Big 12 championship. It ought to be some game.

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Glad you enjoy it. Sports is a great leveler. No matter how great you are a simple, poor team can beat you on it’s day which makes it magical.

I do watch some college football. Not much but I love the nfl and I’ve a brother who follows it closely too. Lots of fun.

Hope your team goes well.

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