My assessment of the OU - LSU game

People are saying that the defense of OU has to play well for OU to have a chance. That is somewhat true, but this is even more true: It depends on which OU team shows up to play. Is it the OU team that got beat by Kansas State? And that Baylor walked on in the first half of their first game? Or is it the OU team that plays up to the level we all know they can play. OU can’t afford to fall asleep with an opponent like LSU. It can’t let itself fall behind by 30 points. For OU to win they have to get after LSU, and stay on them. OU can win this game if they just play up to the highest level of their capabilities.


Appreciate your critique. I’d have to say I don’t watch too much college football but may watch these playoff games. Are they on this weekend? No cricket for myself so I may watch the game. I’d have to say I’m rooting for LSU because of that Louisiana thing.

Yes. The first round is on Saturday. I think the OU game begins at 3:00 pm. I’m sorry for your malady in being in favor of LSU. They might have medication for that.


Haha. Fair cop @crimby . It’ll be on Sunday my time so I’ll try and catch it. Is OU up in your area? Sorry if my question is offensive. I lived in the states for two years but a lot of that country I’ve no idea of. You have to realize how big the USA is to us. We have desert for most of our country. You have good soil and towns.

Much peace and I’m not heavily invested in it but I may be cheering for LSU tigers. :slight_smile:

OU is more in central Oklahoma. I’m living in eastern Oklahoma. You’re from Australia, aren’t you? I keep thinking how much more productive your land would become if we had a cost effective way to desalinate sea water. (By “cost effective” I mean competitive with the watershed in temperate climates. Also, the cost of disposal of waste brine would have to be figured in.) I’ve also thought, in a darker moment, that the land in the interior would become more productive if they blew up that mountain range along Australia’s sea coast with nuclear bombs, but that is too grim to think about.

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Interesting thought on the great dividing range. Yeah it traps the water on the coast and it’s a problem. I’ve driven down the other side of it and it’s bleak. Red dust and sheep. Not very exciting but I’ve driven up through the ratlands of Mississippi and there’s so much good land there.

Water is our life blood and we’re in severe drought now again. We are soon to be on severe water restrictions. You don’t wash your car. You don’t water your lawn. You pay for an excess of water which cruels our cricket club.

It’s not a good scene at the moment with a lot of bushfires. Too little backburing in the cold months and everything is on fire…

I had this idea that maybe we could persuade some wealthy philanthropist to offer a billion dollar prize to anyone who can find a cost effective way to desalinate sea water.

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They were talking of a desalination plant down the coast and I think they started it. I tend to remember they bought all this pipe from China. The plant didn’t make realization and the pipes all were rusted in our humidity before use…

So. They made something that used to be relatively free. Ie water and they make you pay for it no matter what like electricity. That is how water works here. There’s a whole private sector that is built where it used to be almost free.

WElcome to capitalism in the tropics.

The Israelis are doing quite a bit of water desalination to meet their needs. Maybe you could get some help from them in building a new desalination plant. Maybe you could hire a few experts from Israel. There is a new miracle material called “graphene” that among its many uses is that it is an excellent filter. That might be a good place to start in building a desalination plant.

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@crimby Don’t want to get into politics but we are too dumb for that. This place will sink with climate change and they’ll still be telling us it’s all perfectly ok.

No comment on anyone else. We will sink in peace. :slight_smile:

There are climate change deniers all over the place. I wish they were right, but I know they aren’t. When most of New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston are under water then those people will start listening, but it will probably be too late. ………… If you have any money you can afford to speculate with, you ought to consider investing in graphene. Right now the hang up with it is that they can’t make it in industrial quantities, but from what I have heard it is truly a miracle material. There is a lot about it on the internet.

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Is this relevant???

I don’t know which part you’re asking about. I don’t think any of the parts have much to do with mental health, but there is a category for that called “the lounge”. Not every post has to be concerned with mental health.

well no comment on the desalination. i’ll stick to what I know best, which is sports. I watched a couple OU games this year, and came away thinking their play calling was too conservative. I don’t think they will be able to run the ball as well against LSU so I think they will have to open the playbook and air it out some. I expect LSU to win easy.

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LSU will win by at least 14 points according to Vegas but we don’t just need to win that game but the next two.

Good luck.

It could be their play calling, but they seem to have lapses, where nothing works for them. I think Jalen Hurts will be up and ready for the game, though. He can run the ball, and it is a big advantage to have a quarterback that can run as well as pass. They’ll need help from their other running backs as well. It seems to me that they have been improving in the later part of the season. If they could make themselves felt it will help the OU offense. Also, there is the dynamic duo Hurts to Lamb in passing. I think Lamb is going to be another Jerry Rice when he goes pro. Jalen Hurts needs to be at his best for this game. If everything works right OU could win this game.

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They have medication for those kinds of delusions.


I am maxed out on meds. We will find out tomorrow.

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True. Very true. If we could decide just by talking there would be no point in having the game.

My cousin played for the Tigers when they beat Oklahoma for the National Championship in 2003. He went on to play in the NFL for 8 years.