Oklahoma University looked good

OU just beat Texas Tech 55 - 16. Quarterback Jalen Hurts was awesome. He threw long balls downfield with perfect accuracy. The score would have been worse for Texas Tech, but Lincoln Riley played a couple of backup quarterbacks in the fourth quarter. I guess it is good to get those guys some experience in case Hurts got injured and they had to replace him. I would have liked to see Hurts run up some really big numbers, though. It would help his bid for The Heisman trophy. The OU defense, while not as good as its offense, did make its presence felt in the game. It’s better than it was last year. The only problem OU has in getting into the playoffs is that it’s schedule is a little weak. They don’t play a single top ten team this year. Of course, the Texas game is always a wild card. They’re ranked 11th.


Oklahoma could have 3 straight heisman winning quarterbacks. That’s if tuo tavliaoga has not so much to say about it :wink:

I’m glad hurts has been great though. He was good at Alabama but has taken it to a new level at Oklahoma


He looked really good out there today. If they had kept Hurts in the game they could have really run up the score, but if you take that too far it looks to me like bad sportsmanship. I remember one year OU beat Missouri 77 - 0, and that must have looked like a terrible bully beating up on a weakling if you saw it in person. OU was very much in the hunt for a national championship that year, though, so I guess they needed to do that.


Joe Burrows at LSU has been putting up big numbers with LSU but they have the day off today. Unfortunately our defense isn’t that great. The offense has been on fire.


thanks @crimby for posting this thread…OU is where I graduated…( I think you did too??) and I am very proud of my Sooners football…I was raised in Norman where OU is and ever since I was a small boy I’ve loved the Sooners…this year I really think we’ll have a shot at the championship…we also play OSU and that is usually a tough game…Texas too…don’t get me wrong…anyways…go Sooners !! Hurts is gonna do it !!

im starting to think nick saban is over-rated. just look what hurts is doing at Oklahoma. if you want to know my favorite college football coach, ill tell you, it’s mike leech at Washington state, that guy has been putting up big numbers for years

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