Other meds puting weight on

i didnt realise it but my pregablin anti anxiety med must have really been piling on the pounds for me, after halfing it my belly has really shrunk. my friend said last night when we went to visit and i didnt really notice it until this morning,

so i guess all i can say is be wary of any extra meds that might put weight on, i was caught out and my GP didnt tell me about the weight gain, its not very nice tbh, so i am going to ask my GP if there are any other meds that work without puting on weight.

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The gabapentin made me put on weight.

i heard that pregablin is just like gabapentin only 6x stronger :confused: my belly was like a balloon :frowning:

and i was wondering why it was so bloated but just put it down to my anti psyche meds

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Well with the gabapentin it felt like bloating rather than fat. Follows the pregabalin would be worse.

Have you noticed any anxiety since reducing the med?

i have been a little quicker, i think my metabolism has speeded up, and a little manic, idk its still early days and its hard to tell,

what about you? hows the changes going for you?

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The last two days I had real bad anxiety but I think that might be down to the sarcosine - don’t know for sure. Feel good this morning though.