Feeling terrified for unknown reason

Woke up feeling awful today. So anxious and panicked. Thing is I have no idea why (which in a way makes me feel worse).

I have to fight the urge to phone up all my family members and break down on the phone. That wouldn’t solve anything.

Anyone get bouts of deep unease like this? And if so any tips to help (being trying distraction and breathing). Jbob

How long ago since your last injection? Is it wearing off?


Had it on Wednesday so don’t think it should be that. But you never know.

Am wondering if upping the depot might help. Have had about 8 days in the last month were I have felt awful. I mean real bad. Admittedly each episode was related to an environmental stress but my response was so counter productive.

Am on 60mg. Had a support worker who said it can go up to 400mg.

My new psychiatrist is a bit wary of the typicals. I think I will have to assert myself when I see him next week. I kinda roll over and submit around doctors. Will have to stand my ground this time.

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Did you have any booze yesterday? I remember you saying that made things worse.

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No not had booze since that bad time a fortnight ago.

I took my night dose of gabapentin a while back and that is helping. Problem for me and gabapentin is weight gain. Not sure if pregabalin would be better. Don’t know if you can get this med on the NHS though.

3% of adults taking taking Gabapentin gain weight

According to google. You might be lucky and be in the 97%

Unfortunately definitely in the 3 percent. I get a kind of bloated feeling on gabapentin - as if I am retaining water.

Well, you never know. Watch the bathroom scales. The bloated feeling might be just that, a feeling.

Pregnant and Ballin


I used to have that deep sense of dread for no reason at all. My pdoc prescribed lexapro which started working almost immediately.

It was just awful, I was paralysed by fear for no reason at all. I feel for you, it really is horrible. I hope you find a solution soon.