Got the go ahead to reduce anxiety meds

Just saw my gp. He said it was fine to slowly reduce my gabapentin by 300mg a week. So it will take 8 weeks to come off it.

He said he has had a few folk complaining about weight gain on this med.

Am v happy! Already come off a statin, omacor, buspar and kemadrin.

Not touching the APs at the moment. Would love to go on seroquel XR but don’t see that happening.

Actually I think once I am off gabapentin I should just leave things as they are for a while and let my body recover. If I could lose weight that would be great.


i’d love to come off my pregablin but idk how it will affect me, before i got put on it i had been getting chest pains and tension and i think it helped but i’m not sure, i cant remember how effective it was, maybe it was psychological idk,

anyway i hope you can lose some weight :slight_smile:

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I feel your pain…gabapinton gives me the super munchies too…sometimes it makes me eat until it hurts…and then I’m still hungry…

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Hey @asgoodasitgets thanks for the support.

I just don’t know if my gabapentin is doing anything anymore. At first it’s effect was noticable- now not so much. But maybe it is working in the background. I guess I’ll find out.

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Hey flame.

I thought it was just me. Yeah mega mad munchies on the gabapentin - honestly I think it is worse than the seroquel.

It seems to me it only works for about a week…it works…its just easy to build tolerance to…

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i’m the same. idk if its still working in the background

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Lexapro works great for my anxiety. I was having panic attacks and now I don’t have then anymore. It doesn’t give me any munchies. :slight_smile: