Other disorder before the psychosis

I had severe anxiety for 10 years and depression for 3 years before the psychosis took hold, did anyone else have preceding mental disorders before you had schizophrenia.


i had depression and anxiety before i got sza. depression was the first problem. i tried to commit suicide twice once in high school my second year and then again my first year in college.

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Yes I can relate to both of you. Depression and anxiety problems. One thing to add though substance abuse problems

Nope I experienced my psychotic symptoms before everything else, as far back as I can remember. I didn’t start dealing w depression until I was 10 and didn’t have problems with anxiety until I was like 16 or 17.

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Depression, complex ptsd, anxiety. My pdoc describes the course of my illness as progressive, meaning that with each episode, I see new symptoms or my symptoms become more pronounced.

On the plus side, assuming I stay on top of the low level symptoms, she also says I probably won’t see any of my more severe symptoms again.

I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and Bulimia long before I was diagnosed with sz, but the sz has been there all along. I would actually say sz was first.

I suffered from psychosis even as a kid.

Went through severe panic disorder, anxiety, depression, hypomania, night terrors as a child and teen.

Depression and social anxiety

Depression and social anxiety here also.

Death of the soul, and possessed by the beast.

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Anxiety attacks, depression and OCD. All of which I self medicated with drugs and alcohol for.
At twenty four I had my first psychotic break. Ive literally haven’t been the same since. I was high every day of my young life and now I’ve been sober for years yet my brain won’t stop having episodes. I feel like Ozzy Osbourne who also lost his mind on drugs only I didn’t have a career in music

At least you’re like Ozzy and Ozzy’s awesome.

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Of my three best friends from grade school, ones dead from a heroin overdose. The other just got out of prison for his second 5 year stint and then there’s me the lunatic whose been in ten different hospitals and long term treatment programs. The smart Jewish kid that took a major dive

Before being officially diagnosed schizophrenia, received preceding diagnoses:

Schizoid features, Dysthymic Disorder, Social Isolation
Depression, severe recurrent, Social Phobia
Avoidant Personality Disorder

My first dx was major depression, followed by bipolar 1 with psychotic features, then followed by bipolar-type sza. Really, though, I had hypomanic symptoms in middle school and psychotic symptoms in high school. I just didn’t receive any sort of diagnosis until my second year of college, when I finally sought help after my second suicide attempt.

I had depression, anxiety, ptsd and bipolar disorder.

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