How long did your schizophrenia come on for?

Hey guys, as above, for me it came on slowly over 7 or 8 years, depressed first then very paranoid ect, thoughts?

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It’s strange but many patients
talk about depression before sz.
Well that was the case with me too.


I think i was depressed since i was 9 or 10 but just didnt know what depression was!

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As a kid i didn’t have depression.
A few months before sz i had depression

I started out having mental health problems for several years, mostly anxiety and depression. After that psychosis came on much quicker, it started and got worse within a matter of a few months.

In 2013 I had delusions and paranoia which caused depression and anxiety. I stopped shaving and showering every day and stopped changing my clothes every day.

For me it was all very sudden

I was normal till 17 and then one day I just turned schizophrenic, no depression no delusions no paranoia no hallucinations, straight schizophrenia

İn my case i used to have severe depression since my teenage.

However, i had delusions as a kid.

Later at age 27 i got bad depression,
i was sensitive to lights and sounds,
my whole body was hurting.
I couldn’t get out of the bed.
It was the prodromal phase.
Also violent mood swings.
Prodromal phase.

I play acted being crazy since I was a kid. Maybe that’s one reason I got sza. At one point in my life I thought it would be an escape, so ignorant of mental illness I was. I seriously indulged in depression as a teen. Then I ran away from home for a month and a half. When I returned I used pcp 100 times and read The Bible high. It was the first time I read it so it had a big impact. I decided to quit all drugs after an lsd trip and two weeks later was hospitalized. I’ve been on meds since but have not been using illegal drugs since 1995.

Mine was pretty gradual.

Had prodromal symptoms around 21-22 years old.

Developed psychosis at 25.

Around 10 years, had terrible depression, OCD and anxiety. Then bam!!!

i was depressed first too… but then it went fast.

Symptoms started 3yrs before diagnosis.

I wasn’t sleeping and I was using stimulants.
I believe it put me in a suggestible state.

Then my paranoia of the police was extreme.

Slowly I began to hear voices and went into a psychotic mode.

Since then, 2010, I have heard voices, minus a year with when I didn’t. When that year ended, around 2015, I started having bad hallucinations again.

The auditory hallucinations have been non-stop since then.

I was bulimic and suicidal as a teen. Then at age 23, while under extreme stress in nursing school, I became psychotic quite suddenly and stayed that way pretty much on and off for 33 years. At age 31, I became suicidal very suddenly and stayed that way for 15 years. My suicidality ended very suddenly too.

Three years prodromal before my first big break.

Been dealing with positives for a while.

Came on suddenly i guess when i was 17 then i guess i was a little messed up until 20 then went really psychotic

When it comes on suddenly, what was the content?

The first episode; I was in the shower and heard someone say “This is Name in the shower”
I’m not sure if I heard this out loud, or it was in my head.

My second schizophrenic episode, was hypnosis, inducement; or something.
They commanded me to look at a blinking light.
However, it was a solid color; not blinking; but they instructed me.

I’m not sure if it’s a delusion, but I think there is mass hypnosis occurring on the US population.

Once my second episode occurred the voices didn’t stop.

I know we don’t encourage delusions on these forums so I won’t continue more than that.

When i was 17 i started having a delusion that i was the centre of everything. Everything referred to me everyone was talking about me. I was going to school but completely withdrawn socially. It came on suddenly meaning there was no lead up to it it just started. I recall saying some strange things leading up to it one thing i remember saying is something was socialist murder the combination of things didnt make sense and a teacher who was walking by gave me a strange look.