Other dimensions

Is it possible to communicate with entities in other dimensions?

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No, it’s not. We don’t know if there are “other dimensions”, and we certainly can’t communicate with them.

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Yes. But only through the Unusual Beliefs section of this forum. There, anything is possible and more.


Please move to unusual beliefs forum. I like to believe sometimes that the friends I communicate with are really there but in another dimension

Moved to Unusual Beliefs.
Also, let’s keep this recovery oriented as usual. Thanks! :slight_smile:


The other dimension of the complex universe of the brain.

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That’s a big part of my beliefs, is that I communicate w entities on other planes

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Sometimes I think I have gone to the twilight zone and wondered into a different dimension. There are a lot of things I am experiencing that are almost certainly impossible. How could people in Tennessee be intensely involved in my life? Talk about a heinous violation of my privacy. It’s almost the same nightmare I had when growing up. People who apparently can’t control themselves are obsessed with me. They should get therapy.


"Is it possible to communicate with entities in other dimensions?

Yes. I’ve had dinner at my in-laws on many occasions.

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The very much living first universe with no beginning and no end branches out many ways, probably attempting to create the perfect or extremely adequate family and many many many realms to perfectly dwell in as well.

From it’s perspective there is but one dimension, it is the root of all of it, from our perspective there are many seperate dimensions.

There are so many lifeforms out there, and some know of us as well and have not only visited but indeed contact our folks time to time.

I would want more concrete proof before I tried.