Do you think there are people on other dimensions living their life but we cant see them

and they are just going about living their lives clueless that we exist. Maybe its vibrating at a different frequency…


I believe that I was in-between these dimensions. Not in one or another, just stuck in between.

The rules of physics were all over the place and I was completely out of my mind


Id say its possible… :money_mouth_face:

It is possible but it’s not productive to think about that.
You should focus on the life you know and try to squeeze the maximum out of it.


I don’t believe that there are people in other dimensions.

I thought of places way in up in other dimensions also — I was building stuff for God and ‘the berry’ for all my friends and planets were ‘big and small’ and life could be managed similarly to an ant farm, I was in jail at the time and it just felt like living in a ‘doll house’ — it just seems too bizarre to be something my brain just made up in a mental illness, why the hell would I get such crazy ideas?

Yes, I believe in life in other places and dimensions…

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When I was in psychosis, I believed I was “walking on the planes between matter”


When i was taken or abducted by aliens yes especially in my past lives for sure…

Wow. I thought I was the only one who saw things like that.

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Who knows. But it’s a waste thinking about stuff like that. It’s like trying to figure out a answer to something that has no answer or a million answers…best leave it be and put a lid on the philosophy, especially if you have a mental illness.

Life is now and doesen’t last forever. Stick to what you know for sure and things you can make sense of. That’s the only way to make something out of life. If you get stuck on philosophy you will be stagnant as a stone while life passes you by.

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Sometimes I used to feel the presence of a dead person, two of them at different times.

But the more I talk about it the less I feel their presence.

Idk what that means.

This is outside of psychosis

I totally do, and I consider it in the same way, actually! Vibrating at a frequency neither we nor or current instruments can perceive.

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Sometimes I wonder that. I just started practicing Wicca and raising energy. I set up a healing altar and burned palo santo and a white candle. I can feel the vibes getting better already. Prayer works. Or at least setting the intention. Magic helps me ground and center, and understand the spiritual world better. I can balance taking medication for my mental health as well as practicing wicca for my spiritual health. Its ok IMO to have certain beliefs that do not fit the stereotypes as long as they don’t become unhealthy preoccupations.

Yes, I do. 151515

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Yeah I believe in parallel universes. I think in one of them I’m a famous actor, who knows.

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