Oops i cant remember if i took my meds

So i ate them twice hopefully ill get a boost im sure i didnt take them originally, who bludy knows

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Count ur pills then…!!!

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My pills are a mess i need to get a pill box but im worried im going to be 60 years old if i use that

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I use a pill box and highly recommend it. Now I know whether or not I’ve taken my meds yet. Better to remember and feel like an old person for it.

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No ways i dont wanna feel like a grandpa

I didn’t want to either, but I’m doing better for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats good i suppose but i dont have the will to fill the boxes each with pills its a mission

Do you have someone else that wouldn’t mind filling them for you?

No i dont have anyone im super lonely. I already feel like grandaddy that is why i dont want a pill box ill feel like 90 years old

Aw, I’m sorry, buddy. :frowning: Maybe set alarms on your phone, then? I used to do that as an alternative to a pill box.

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Yea maybe ill try that


I set alarms and have a pillbox!
It really helps.
Age has nothing to do with it.


It may be better than feeling like a five year old. My mom dishes out my pills most of the time.

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I use a weekly pill box. I also have a list of all meds, dose, etc. It’s very important that I keep my list up to date.

If I can’t remember if I took a med I just skip it and take it the next time. I think doubling up is dangerous.


I have a hard time remembering too.

Get into the habit of flipping over your pill bottle when you’ve taken them, then you know if you had them or not.

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I also use a pillbox. It really helps me.

i also use a pillbox

I have a timer cap on my pill bottle. It automatically counts up from the last time the bottle was opened, so I always know when I took my last dose. And I set an alarm on my phone.

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