Only experiences strains high in CBD with less than 1% THC please

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Thanks man/women, really appreciate it!

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Even better!

Go for charlottes web, it’s loaded with CBD and very low in THC. :slight_smile:

Just got a prescription last week for medicinal cannabis here in Canada. My licensed provider only carries one strain that fits this profile. It’s called “Treasure Island” with 0.54% THC and 15% CBD. I’ve found that the CBD doesn’t attenuate the negative effects of THC and also found that that small concentration of THC was enough to aggravate my psychotic symptoms. It wasn’t overwhelming and the “high” is much more manageable than one produced by a regular high-THC flower. But yeah, all the articles touting the miraculous antipsychotic effects of CBD are just hype in my opinion. It’s really frustrating cause I was hoping this could be the solution to allow me to smoke cannabis normally again but this experience has been the nail in the coffin. As much as I hate to admit it, I can’t smoke weed ever again.