Online studies

I’m thinking of doing online course anyone done one


Yes I have done multiple ones from udemy.

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Yes, I’ve had some very good experiences taking online college courses. I find it suits me in many ways. For one thing you can set your own schedule to study, do homework and take tests. it’s nice being in the comfort of your own home too. If you’re doing a paper you can take breaks whenever you want and get something to eat or rest.

People will say, it’s better to take classes in person and be with people and be able to talk to the teacher. But sometimes people can’t sit in classrooms so online courses are a good alternative. And in most of my online classes, you can PM the teacher any time or call on the phone or even have face to face meetings or Zoom meetings.

It does take discipline to do the work and get it in on time. You need a little motivation to keep yourself going.

I went to college in person for 5 years but now online courses are better for me.


I took an online chemistry class to get my associates in liberal arts degree. It was a really good experience.

Tough class though. It had a lab component to it. Thankfully I got a C in it.

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I would go for it if you think it’s good value for money. Some online education providers are just in it to make a profit and I wouldn’t go for that, but I have studied at the British and Dutch Open University and am quite happy with them.

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