Online dating?

Has anyone tried online dating?

I find it really hard.

I found my ex wife on this site many years ago. we have since divorced but it was a mistake that can’t be undone now. I found my girlfriend on plenty of fish dot com. It’s free but you have to really examine and interview on there online before you actually meet. just fyi.

I met my husband 8 and a half yes ago
The dating part was terrible x
Men after only one thing

I never had any success on any dating sites…

It’s against guidelines to use this site as a dating site… but people still flirt around…

Uh… I’ve kind of forgotten who all the UKers are.

There are some though… Stick around… at least you can online friends from here.

Mentally ill require a special level of understanding and patience anyways… why go fishing in a pool of normies.

Take care Kuro.


Yes, men are usually are after one thing.

Well one of the dating sites I’m using it for people with mental illness.


I met my fiancé on OKcupid. I like that site because it asks you an infinite amount of questions and then matches you based on your answers. I have also found that the people on OKcupid are looking for relationships, whereas when I was on plentyoffish everyone just wanted to hook up. I also like OKcupid because it has an option for liking both boys and girls. With the other sites I needed two separate accounts.

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I’m using both sites. I do prefer okcupid than pof. I’ve met some cool people off there, but no more than one date at a time.

For me guys seem interested at first then stop being interested. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Also some guys get put off when I mention that I still live with my parents and the restriction I have.

I’ve been using dating sites for a year and a half.

Are your dates not going well? Are you developing rapport with them? Perhaps they feel like they’re having difficulty connecting with you.

I got that a lot. Most of them would stick around for a first date, but then never call me back. I think it was because they could tell I was crazy, and wanted no part of it.

I tried once online dating, did not work, have not tried ever since.

I’ve never tried it! There’s a website recommended by the admins of

The dates seem to go well. I just don’t know why they don’t want to meet again.

Thank you.

I’m already using no longer lonely.

I’ve met some interesting people from there.

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Met my wife on the new defunct seventeen years ago. This was back when online dating was still new and freaky. I was just barely stable with SZ then, too.


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