Chipping away at my degree

I need 5 more classes. Today is the last day of my current online class. In fact I am going to take my final at 9:00 pm tonight. It’s timed; I will have exactly two hours to complete it. It consists of three essay questions. The teacher posts what grade we are making in the class as we go along, he posts how many points we have accumulated as we go along. So I know from what he posted I know that I am guaranteed a “C” for the entire class no matter how I do on the final.


You’re doing a good job! Good luck on your final. You’ll do good!

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That’s awesome Nick! I’m taking classes online too. My GPA just went up to 3.97 so I’m happy. I’m surprised you have a timed final. With my school we don’t have any tests and I thought that’s the way it was online. I like it because I take one class every 5 weeks and then get a week or two off and do that straight through until I get my degree. Can you take the rest of your classes online? I was thinking of applying for an internship next summer after I’ve had some programming classes. Good luck on your final I’m sure you’ll do great! :sunny:

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congratulations…wishing you the best out come

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Yes, I can take the rest of my classes online.

well done .
take care

Good for you. What are you going to do after you have your degree? Are you going to look for a new job? What is your degree in?