One Word that Offends Me

Today my social worker was out sick, so I had the pleasure of seeing another one. She seemed nice at first, but she said that she was, “interested in the Schizophrenic mind.” I think that Schizophrenic is to Schizophrenia as “retard” is to Down’s Syndrome. It is a way of putting someone down just like how people use racist words.

What about you? Are you offended when people use that word?

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I’m not offended by that. I’m sure she meant no disrespect. To me, that’s nothing more than a convention of grammar.


I can see where your coming from. Makes it feel kinda permanent instead of something your going to deal with and get over. It doesn’t really offend me. It is a schizophrenic mind. Divided and at war.

I use the word schizophrenic all the time when talking with my pdoc, I also am sure she meant nothing by it.

truthfully I am not offended by the word ,

it could be the truth to “Mark Of The Beast” ,

I actually use to think that ,

and when someone calls the police after I say one sentence without acting violent ,

violent in any way ,

it sometimes does feel paranoid as ■■■■ and it is a mark ,

a tattoo of sorts perhaps ,

but as long as they aren’t lifting that heavy oh heavy oh no heavy phone so heavy ,

and talking to me instead of begging for me to be dead ,

then the word is OK with meh ,

I dunno but I totally understand the offensive part of it ,

I just roll my eyes so quickly that I don’t evaluate the ignorance and stupididty of ,

human pieces of ■■■■ with nothing but the fun of knowing that ,

that he/OR/troublesome/she is gone out of the house ,

and into a lock up facility because "WE DONT UNDERSTAND YOU!!! ,


ill shut up nao ,

I don’t get offended unless the number is dialed ,

otherwise think whatever you want about me ,

I need to buy a ■■■■■■■ piano …

I guess my advice would be ,

don’t even give that word the tyme of day ,

bounce it and throw it in a dumpster hoop ,

give your team-mates a high-five ,

and scream out “■■■■ YOU!!!” ,

then get some rest and relax and enjoy something you love ,

cause lord knows us schizo’s could use a vacation …

I see. It just feels different, because I had someone in my family who had schizophrenia before I had it. I still don’t like it, but I get your points. To each his own, I guess.

Can think of at least a dozen words I’m more offended by and that’s just off the top of my head. Might depend on how long you have been diagnosed. Seeing the term psychosis in regards to me the for the first time. Even after several years was to much for me.

I prefer person with schizophrenia instead of Schizophrenic.
You don’t say a person with cancer is canceric.
Just how I feel anyway.

But depending on my mood, I may just let it go if the person Is inexperienced.


I actually feel offended by the word"crazy","schozophrenia"too…

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Diabetic, Epileptic

Schizophrenic doesn’t bother me at all.

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I saw an ad in the classifieds for a landscaper. It read, “Bad backs need not apply.” Therefore, I didn’t apply. But I don’t like being called a “bad back”!



The word ‘schizophrenic’ does not bother me at the least.
Words that my father will use to evoke an angry reaction in me, when he is upset at me - are 'Wacko" - ‘Psycho’
‘Coo - Coo’ Now those terms rally get to me. But no schizophrenic is a term I use often, it is just a descriptive word related to the illness, schizophrenia

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the schizophrenic isn’t bad to me… I do tell people … I’m a person with schizophrenia… not just a schizophrenic.

The schizophrenic doesn’t bother me… If it think about it… it also depends on how it’s said.

Some people say it and it just sounds like a word… But I have one aunt who can make it sound like something horrid and shameful.

what hurts is Schizo… or Psycho. Stuff like that… and I walk away.


Thank you all for your input.

@Malvok Comparing it to diabetes helps.

I might reconsider my position, or at least be more understanding of people who say it. I won’t see them as being intentionally insulting.


If it bothers you it bothers you. People could be a little more sensitive.


I try to be open with my diagnosis with those who I know pretty good. I think talking about it helps immensely. No, schizophrenia doesn’t define who we are, but the moment the higher functioning schizophrenics start addressing the public that we are not dangerous the less stigma we will have against us.

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I think “Schizo” is worse. “Schizophrenia” in general is an ugly word to me.


I agree. @Kella

If someone describes me as a schizophrenic it doesn’t bother me at all.

Perhaps just tell them that you prefer the term “people with schizophrenia” or “people who have schizophrenia”.

I know lots of people use it like “Diabetic” - and so its understandable that people would use the word (diabetes is very common and so people use the word “diabetic” very commonly - thats probably why they pick it up.

But - I too prefer to see the term “people who have schizophrenia” - because people are not their illness.