People being insensitive

This guy I work with has gone up to someone and said “you’re acting like a total schizo” or “are you off your meds”

he is completely joking but it’s very offensive

most human beings are ignorant and offensive :grimacing:
take care :alien:


What @darksith said. Honestly I just don’t let stuff like that get to me. In fact, I make those jokes before anyone else even has a chance to. It gives me the upper hand. I’ve come to realize that it’s just a thing people say. Like “retarded” or “gay.” Most people don’t actually feel negatively towards special needs people or gays, it’s just that those words are used so often that they’ve kind of taken on a separate meaning based on context. Is it right? No. Is it worth being bothered by? Also no. Just know that when people say those things, 99/100 times they don’t mean it in an offensive way. And if it really does bother you that much, be honest with the person and just say “You know, people really do have a hard time with mental illness and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t throw around terms like that. It just feels wrong to me.” That’s a nice respectful way to correct them without letting them know you’re mentally ill (if you don’t want them to know.)