One thing I noticed about living alone

I do talk to myself a bit more. Not cause for concern, I don’t think. But a little bit. I just emphasis things that stand out as interesting or hi-light things I want to remember. It’s sort of funny.


I love living alone. I’m so much more relaxed and it keeps my symptoms down w/o people making noise

I was warned against living alone by some members on this board and my pdoc.

They were wrong tho.

Do you have a pet leaf?


no, no pets. I’m allergic to both cats and dogs and we aren’t allowed to have any other types of animals here on Hud property

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I’ve lived alone for the last 15 years, it’s easier now than it was. The loneliness would sometimes get to me but it’s much better now in my latter years.


I like being alone, plus I have the internet, so I don’t really feel alone.

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This is probably a good outlet for you then. Do you talk to your neighbors? I talk to my neighbors and that helps.

Having no one to talk to sucks only sometimes. Not all the time like some people think.


I’m rarely by myself actually because I have so much going on. My family and friends. But when I am alone I talk to myself, lol. Pretty soon I’ll start singing like my sister does.


I always talk to myself. Hell, I’m damn good company! :wink:


People think im busy, but im alone for 3-4 days at a time usually more. I like my own company, and the days go quick anyway. I constantly talk to myself.

I watch hours upon hours of youtube and subscription channels so im always occupied.


maybe I’ll get into watching videos too

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I talk to myself all day long and i live alone! :grinning:

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I live alone and I love it. I get less paranoia symptoms living alone so it’s great for me.


For me, the grass is always greener. Now that I live alone I miss having people around. When I lived with people I didn’t like having people constantly around.

My new landlord doesn’t allow pets but if I get a support animal they don’t have a choice. Bc of disability. I wanna get a kitty. Gonna talk to my psychiatrist abt it a little later today.


In July I would have lived alone for 5 years

I like my flat.

Recently I have done a lot to it

In the kitchen I bought black handles for my gloss white doors, and my brother-in-law helped me fit some cool work surfaces called Andromeda, which have these cool flecks of mirror in the black surface that kinda looks like a galaxy as the light hits with different colours.

Then I had some metro tiles fitted with black grout

Now all the furniture in the flat is soon to be all black and white. My lounge is finished, and I threw away all the furniture I could to try and de-clutter and make it look bigger

The bedroom is next, and I have a new black and white faux leather bed, with a new black and white wardrobe and side cabinet to build.

On saturday I am putting the TV on the wall in the bedroom - and of course I now have a walk in wardrobe I built for all my tools!!!

Things are shaping up now

After 5 years, I have nearly got shot of the mis-matching furniture as no two things were the same

If I did not live alone, I’d have to compromise on this that and the other. At least I can do what the f I want, and nobody can stop me



After living alone most of my adult life, I find it difficult to do the give and take of living with others. Alone spoils yah.


Yeah me too. It started out as talking to my cat, and somehow became talking to myself out loud. Helps me think and keep my thoughts clear too, when the bozo voices are flaring up

I’ve been living on my own for 20 years now. I don’t think I could handle a roommate to be honest

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I’m so sad so many here live alone. I know I’m hearing people like it, but when I lived alone I found it painfully lonely. It was so hard on me. I really couldn’t handle it.

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I indulge myself too much when I’m alone. I prefer living with someone.


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