One question for vegans in the forum help!

What plant based food can consume for instead of dairy product? İn my country vegan market too expensive so i can not buy vegan product.thats why İ just want to know what can i consume for instead of cheese and milk.


Is almond milk vegan? That might be a possibility.

At the yoga ashram I used to go to, the vegans sprinkled nutritional yeast on their food in place of cheese. I always thought that was icky looking, but they liked it. Another possibility.


İ m not exactly sure what should i consume for instead of dairy product. İ don t want to use any animal product for living. This make me sick nowadays. But i don t want to physically sick also. So i need proper guide for this.what is nutritional yeast?

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One of the main nutrients in dairy products is calcium.
So buying calcium rich plant foods. Like almonds, tofu, chickpeas, broccoli.


Oat milk, almond milk, soy milk.

Coconut milk.

Coconut cream can be used to make whipped cream I think. It comes from coconut milk.

Cheese can be made at home really easily with just a few ingredents.

Lots of videos for cheeses and other dairy alternatives on YouTube.

I think you can even make oat milk at home with just oats and water.

There are videos to show you how and it might be cheaper to make at home.


It’s called nutritional yeast you get it at the health food store.
It’s not yeast at all and have no idea why they call it that but look it up on YouTube all the vegans swear by it


Thank you very much for videos and advice @Genbu and @anon90843118

İ think its better to make vegan cheese at s look healthy enough.


I think it has a somewhat cheesy flavour


Yes that’s the way they describe it.
I haven’t ever tried it but it’s worth a shot because cheese is important :bangbang::joy: I eat dairy or otherwise I’d be getting me some of that too


Nutritional yeast is basically flakes of dead yeast. It tastes sort of like cheese. I have a recipe for vegan ricotta cheese. It’s basically sunflower seeds, tofu, lemon juice, olive oil, and nutritional yeast. I can share it if you want. You need a food processor though, and it’s pretty expensive to make.

Almond milk is pretty good, and there are loads of almond or coconut milk ice creams and yogurts. It’s important to note that none of these actually taste like real cheese/milk/ice cream. It takes a few months to acquire the taste.

If you’re more worried about nutrition and less worried about eating products that taste vaguely like dairy, fortified almond milk usually has loads of calcium and vitamin D added in.


I highly recommend the cookbook series Thug Kitchen. It’s all vegan dishes that aren’t trying to pretend to taste like meat, and the steps are broken down in a way that anyone can follow along.


İ m thinking almond milk. İts very easy to make also. Thank you very much for your support @ninjastar :sunrise_over_mountains:


Here in Sweden there’s a product called “Oats drink”. My wife use it instead of milk.


I love soya milk, my husband too. Unfortunately vegan cheese is expensive so I succumb to dairy cheese

so I’m not vegan, only vegetarian. Almost vegan :blush:

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your health will be depleted within 5 years

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And don’t forget the depression!

All of my online FB friends on a vegan diet need antidepressants.

Plus one, once a fully committed vegan had to give it up due to brain fog, and health. He argues the same, a few years and the body gets ill.

I agree vegan cheese is expensive to buy but I know of some people in my Australian vegan food group who make home made vegan cheese that I think are cheap.
There’s my are probably cheaper than buying it ready made anyway.

Soy milk seems to be cheaper to buy but it depends on the brand.
I usually buy one of the cheapest brands.
Such as the grocery stores Coles and Woolworths have their own soy milk that is cheaper and they even have organic.
$1.15 for their soy milk .$1.60 for their organic soy milk one litre.

My food bill tripled when I became vegan because I spend so much more on food now.

Some vegans in my food group have eat really cheap and don’t spend much on food and only buy cheeses and sausages etc if it’s in special.

I made minestrone soup yesterday on frozen vegetables because it’s cheaper than using fresh vegetables.fresh vegetables can add up to quiet a lot.

Alternative meat sausages are so good and a favourite of mine but they cost $8 I think for 6 and I have two for a dinner with mashed potato n vegetables n vegan gravy or hash browns.

There are some really cheap lentil dishes around but I’m not sure how keen I am on lentils.

Oreo biscuits are vegan and so are digestives.
I bought a packet of Oreos for $1 the other day as they were on special.

Magnum have vegan ice cream that is delicious.
But expensive.
I treat myself a vegan magnum for dessert every Saturday .
I chose the almond but they also have chocolate.i think they cost $7 for three.

I try to avoid palm oil too.
I’m not fanatic about it but do try to avoid it.

Have you seen cowspiracy?

I saw it the other day.
I lent it from the library.

Raising cattle uses so much water and land and according to this and experts it is the largest damage to the environment is the meat industry.

I read that the best thing a individual can do for the environment is go vegan.

I take supplements.

Remember your vitamin b12.

I also take vegan omega 3, vegan iron.

I am not that knowledgeable about nutrients so it’s safer to take supplements plus I don’t eat enough vegetables cause I think it’s expensive for just one person to buy fresh vegetables .

I really hope you go vegan.

It is life changing and great.

Please read : so, why become vegan by Sandra Kimler.

I’m not as healthy as she is but it’s a good read by a beautiful author.

You can buy it online or better yet lend it from your library and your library can usually order it in if they don’t have it.

I just joined a vegan support group on Facebook called challenge 22 where you even get a mentor and there’s dietitians on their too.

I think you should join challenge 22 on Facebook.

I think that’s what it is called.

Wishing you success and to be a happy happy vegan.

I am so happy to be a vegan.

I also like groups on Facebook such as animals Australia , mercy for animals etc and they are lovely to follow.

Peta give out free vegan starter kits in some countries.
Check it out!

Love :two_hearts: to you and for wanting to be vegan which is just awesome.



Thank you very much for info. İ think these informations will be very helpful to people who has trying to be true vegan. Unfortunately we don t have in turkey real cheap vegan market and it s impossible feed myself at these vegan market and impossible to get my all nutritions from my homemade vegan supplies. That s why i decide to be mild vegeterian. İ m consuming dairy but i m stay away from all meat products. And that s all i can do for these poor animals.i love animals but as i say i m using hard drugs as every sz patient and i have look good for my health. İ m staying away all meat products this make me peace with life :rainbow: again thank you very much for all info. Best wishes :grapes::watermelon::sunrise_over_mountains:


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