A crazy thing that happened to me

In the end of 1999 some crazy things happened to me in Atlanta. I have just some weak memories. My former U.S. spouse left in Dec 1999 and then in one evening she had arrived back, but I had told her that she can come back, if she accepts my Jewishness. I have just some very weak recollections of this event. Then three months later two cops visited the house where I lived in Atlanta in March 2000 and they told that they had brought my former U.S. spouse back. Then I understood they meant those events of Dec 1999, when I must have been in some unconscious, psychotic state of mind. That was after I had received a telephone call in which a fast speaking young woman told about some travel plan. I thought I was brainwashed at the time. Everything was so confused and chaotic. Weird things happen sometimes in human lives.