One of the celebrity in my country died by carotid artery occlusion

and he was 62 years old and get shot of 5 dose of biontech is likely to get carotid artery occlusion in your country did you witness any disease at someone you know?

  • i witnessed this disease
  • no i never heard it
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I have heard of this. This was reported in the press, but they failed to put the number in perspective. 1 in 100,000 may get blood clots from mRNA vaccines, but they failed to report that 1 in 10,000 women get the same from birth control medications. Birth control meds are regarded as very safe yet people panicked over a lower incidence of clotting with mRNA meds.

Always look into the numbers and info behind the headlines.


i m quite hypocondriac person and i take everyone disease to myself.and i feeling like my arteries are occlusion somehow.i m also working with coworker who has stage 4 cancer and i m super depressed since i wittness her life.i think that triggered my hypocondriac paranoias

Why is this in unusual beliefs?

I don’t know anything about it, sorry.

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because i thought this topic imply that this disease result of vaccines

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All vaccines have side-effects. You have to weigh the benefits of the vaccine against the risks that come with. In the case of the rona vaccines the benefits greatly outweighed the risks and they still do. The covid vaccines also proved out mRNA as a valuable delivery mechanism and we’re going to see a wealth of other updated and more effective vaccines for other illnesses hitting the shelves shortly.


A celebrity died cause of what ??
what kind of disease is that

I’m at the age where I have to worry about heart attacks and prostate cancer, but I’m probably going to die from dementia. Both my parents did. I hate that, because dementia is so long and slow, and you go through a lot of emotional turmoil on you’re way down.

A blood clot. I suppose it’s a pleasant change from them overdosing like usual.

overdose of ?? iyk you just said it ??

I was commenting on the fact that so many celebrity deaths seem to be from drug overdoses.

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it wasnt overdose.he had quite healthy smoke no alcohol etc.

yeah ppl everywhere dying
dont worry
keep yourself occupied and functional
and you wont have this luxury to think about those who die or so
best of luck

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