One in 50 of us is face blind – and many don’t even realise

The first time I tried the Cambridge face memory test I scored 54 with below 60 being regarded as a low score. With repeated attempts I improved.

I tried a face memory test at

The Cambridge Face Memory Task - This task requires you to memorize and recall the faces of six individuals. Our collaborators have identified that there is a tendency for individuals with prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize faces) to also experience topographical disorientation (more information here). We included this task to further gather data on the relationship between understanding faces and understanding places.”

Cambridge face memory

In the Cambridge face memory test, you were required to memorize the faces of six different individuals, and subsequently identify these individuals from other faces that you had not memorized.

On the Cambridge face memory task, you scored 39 out of 72, with an average reaction time of 2.79 seconds. Your performance on this task indicates that you remember faces with difficulty.

I think I recognise faces pretty well. A paper once showed just the eyes and mouths of about 50 celebrities and I pretty much got each one.

I know some folk with psychosis find it hard to read emotions on faces.

Your score is 30 out of 36.

If there had not been choices, some of which were obviously nonsensical, I would have struggled to say “Ah that emotion is being expressed” , ie if they had just shown the pictures and asked you to write the emotion being displayed.

I have difficulties recognis faces some times.

The woman who did my nails so brilliantly.
I can not remember her name or face.
I was crying in front of her as she did them.

She did such a great job and I can not see her face…

Luckily the salon knows who it was I think.

I believe I am face blind. I have walked past my mother in town once because I didn’t recognize her in her new jumper. I remember people by their coats or hair style. When I worked in face to face sales I use to actively make a mental note of the customers coats or hair colour to help remember them better.

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