On which day of a benzo withdrawal it got easier for you?

OK, I really want to try to stop my klonopin… even my pdoc is very against it… so I want to try to stop it. I didn’t take it today and I am very somatic even on this first day without it… I shake even too…
For those who’ve stopped your benzo, I guess the withdrawal was hard, right? :smirk:
After how many days the symptoms of the withdrawal became easier and less painful? I’d pray that maybe after a week? 2 weeks? Idk how I’ll do it if you hard lasts a month lol…
Tbh, I should have never touched to this med imo… the zyprexa already have helped a bit, for the rest, I was always counting on my efforts…

Anna, you shouldn’t come off benzos cold turkey,

It could kill you.

You have to taper.


Titrate down slowly! I had a gran mal after stopping xanax for one day. Not good and I wasn’t taking too much either. It’s very dangerous to stop abrubtly.

I’ve tapered already from 1,5 mgs to 0,5 mgs 4 months ago… but I was addicted even to 0,5 mgs and I feel the withdrawal even on the first day today… but this time, I really want to try to stop it. It started to cause me real problems after years on it… and my doc is very against it for me, cause I have negatives in my illness…
I won’t die from stopping it, I am sure… I just don’t know how much I’ll be in pain from the withdrawal symptoms…
Maybe the first week is the hardest or how?
I have my benadryl prescribed in order to sleep, I’ll see in a few if this will calm down my anxiety…

Rogueone, you managed though to stop the xanax? It was a bad withdrawal? Which was the worst - the first days or later?
Thanks for the answer in advance, I hate what this klonopin made of me…

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It took me about 18 months to come off the benzo I was on. I had to taper very slowly. And when it came down to the last 5mg….that was the hardest.

Here’s a post I made earlier :

I was on 0.5mg a day of clonazepam, and got horrible withdrawals. The way I eventually came if it was by slowly increasing the amount of days between taking it.

At the beginning I would take it every other day for 2 weeks, then every 3 days for two weeks, etc.

Doing it very slowly was the key.

Good luck coming off it


Thank you for the answer, qwerty :relaxed:
Yeah, I am on my last 0,5 mgs and I really feel like I need to stop even this now… it causes me only problems lately like depression, shakiness, headaches etc…
I have a somatic disorder as well , because of my sz…
How many days you were bad without the last dose of your benzo? It got better in a week? Or more? :roll_eyes: you were scared for these days? :pensive:
My doc thinks, that my zyprexa already helps a bit my fears…but now I am definitely addicted to my klonopin, which I took without docs approval for years… I’ll keep it as prn though, but I want to be clean from it on daily basis… :smirk:

Oh, thank you, dear you too :relaxed: yeah, we’ve already talked about this, you told me your method before, thanks for reminding it to me :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: but I am quite mentally addicted to benzos since I’ve discovered them… until I take it, I’ll attribute all my good moods to it… idk, I’ll try now cold turkey sheesh… there should be probably people who’ve succeded cold turkey, no? Mhm…

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I didn’t notice any withdrawal as I went slowly, slowly over a period of months. It wasn’t that hard in the end and I deal with anxiety better than with the xanax these days.

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