On the road to getting help

After sending an email to the psychiatrist at school I was quickly gotten to. Today I was called to the office where I was asked what’s wrong, he asked what was wrong and I told him I’ve had some problems for years, he said “Physical or mental?” I told him it was mental, I was soon redirected to another person.

They are going to help connect me to some more people who can help.
I have also learned that more people care than I thought, since I was called out of the same class twice I had been asked if I were okay by a couple of people.

Looks like things are taking a turn for the better.


That is great that they are connecting you with help. Downright awesome. Best of luck to you.

Thank you. I’ll need as much luck as I can get at this point, it seems.

Good for you peavy. Hopefully some meds or some therapy will help you get better or live more well managed.

I’m hoping I can start simple medications for this. The severe point of things are brought on by stress so I’m hoping I can also do something about that.
Turned into a nightmare trying to get to the counselor’s office the first time around because I kept hearing “No, stop, turn around” and seen a couple of people show up and disappear at the end of the hallway.

Good for you… it took a lot of courage to get the ball rolling and I’m glad to hear that you will have some results from it. Good job.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Great news! Mind if I ask, are you in high school or college?

I’m a senior in Highschool

I’m glad you are doing it. Prepare yourself for the future. You will have to open up to your psych doc, but it will help you immensely. It is very good to catch it this early.

Its actually been about 5-6 years, not very early. It first became bad in 7th grade.

I’m sorry. I went through for a while too, 10 or 11 years. The negative symptoms started in junior high for me too.

I want to say it was caused by no sleep but I can’t safely say that because even when I had sleep it was there. Without sleep it became much worse, however.
I remember an incident that happened over summer break where I was alone and it got so quiet that my mind began drifting way gone. Began seeing some strange things, the undead had broken into my home.

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