No hope for help

Its official, the medical cards never came in so I could never get treatment. Now my mom is moving to the deep woods, away from anything. I’m not going because its my senior year of highschool and where my mom is going is basically isolated.

I take this back. There is still a slight sliver of hope to at least get a diagnosis.

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Well if your on here that’s a good first step we can help you sort your problems out. People on here have weathered through everything. We can’t diagnose you though or prescribe you meds but we can help with everything else. Stay strong you’ll make it.

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Thanks, I look at your recovery posts a lot and seeing how well you’ve recovered makes me hopeful.

What kind of symptoms are you having?

Most schools also offer free counselling can you utilize that?

Those voices that don’t go away, severe hallucinations, paranoid constantly, having delusional thoughts, uncontrollable muscle movements, anxiety, emotionally unstable, flat face, etc.
Just to name a few

I emailed my schools Psychiatrist not too long ago. Hopefully she gets back to me

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Yeah it sounds like you need meds. You’ve really got to quit worrying about your symptoms it only feeds it. Take it one moment at a time. Try and relax and find your core self. The kind of inner peace that needs nothing try to stay there. Slow down your thinking. You can’t immediately change anything your going through, but you can slowly rewire your brain by focusing on the good things and rejecting the bad things. Let me ask what do your voices say?

I’ll take your advice and slow down a bit.
Also the voices tell me things like what I do is wrong and that my friends are no more than ‘deceivers’
It screams and shouts the more I discuss it, the more I attempt to get help the more it speaks. Telling me to stop. When its not trying to tell me to stop its trying to tell me I’m a ‘lunatic’ or ‘out of control’
A time or two its said that it is in control over me. I argue with it at times, sometimes it becomes so real I’ll make an attempt to find it, just to realize I just looked for something that isn’t real.

When did this all start?

Middle school, seventh grade. I’m a senior in highschool.

It sounds like you’ve got a bully

Headphones with music playing helps a lot.

I suppose so. Not sure why it happens however

I really need to learn how to double reply instead of double posting :x

I listen to music every day, all the time.

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And your still not medicated? That’s a long time man. Hey at least they are not telling you to kill yourself. I’m so sorry I’m more just interested I don’t really know what kind of advice I can give. I’ll tell you right now though that I’m doing all I can to put the voices and symptoms out of my mind and distract myself. Got to force yourself into a normal role and mindset before normality can return to you. Try to listen without responding. Just try and let your mind continue to focus regardless of what your hearing.

I’m not medicated nor have I gotten much professional help. I haven’t had much support or anything either. Its been a lonely battle.

Very rarely do they say to take my own or anothers life. Mostly because at the first indication that it may say it I’ll change my mindset.
And its fine that you’re interested, I get pretty interested myself as to what they have to say and what other peoples voices tell them.

Well man hang in there until you get help. You might have a good response to medications. I didn’t really have any response at all. But if your determined to get better and your vigilant in learning how to cope you’ll come out on top of this. Best of luck for now is all I can say. Don’t do any drugs

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Thanks for the support man, I appreciate it big time. Support seems to get harder to find as time passes.