Om's madhouse 2



I want to make a tattoo with Om


I think the same thing all the time (the coincidences part)!


Yeah it’s crazy. Like hints or subtle messages


I have this on my tattoo


Do you have an Om tattoo? Cool


Sorry not a great picture!


my original drawing for my arm - you can see what it is better. Took me about 10 hours to draw


Hello @Om_Sadasiva. How are you travelling at the moment? Has the reduction in Olanzapine caused you any negative effects?


No, no bad effects. I had heartburn and dyspepsia, today I am better. I wait the blood tests, I will have the results on Monday. How are you?


That’s good then. You are on such a high dose. I kind of thought it was probably a bit excessive but then i’m not a pdoc so what would i know. Myself - i’m doing okay. Had a rough day a couple of days ago because i forgot to order my Ziprasidone before i ran out of it. Then i had a couple of days where i was without it and only having Clozapine. Had a bad anxiety attack at work and felt light headed, faint, etc. Had to lay down on the floor a couple of times to feel better. But now i’ve got all my medication on board and i’m doing much better now. Thanks for asking.


I think that clozapine may help me.
Do you have any side effects?


Yes Clozapine is worth trying, especially as you’ve indicated that your current medication isn’t managing all your symptoms. The only symptoms that i have is hypersalivation. It sucks at night time because you can end up drooling all over the pillow. But they’ve given me a prescription for atropine, which helps counteract the stimulating effects in Clozapine that makes you drool. Otherwise, i’ve been side effect free!


Don’t you get tired of those blood works? How long have you been taking it?


Yes there is a lot of blood work involved when you first go on it. I have 14 more weeks to go before i no longer need a weekly blood test. However, i’m used to getting my blood taken now. Doesn’t phase me. I’ve been taking the Clozapine for about a month now. Don’t let the blood work put you off. I’ve been so much better since i started on it.


OK, thanks 666999666999


I have gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. Maybe due to meds


The forum is dead. Is anyone online?


Hey I’m here om. Been experiencing weird computer noises this morning


Hi om. How are you today? You sounded angry the other day.:neutral_face: