Om's madhouse 2


Angry? Me? Are you sure it was me?


What kind of noises? Real or hallucinations?


Kinda like an old dial up modem and a female voice like Stephen hawking. But I think it might just be people next door


I have heard computer noises from my coffee/espresso machine.


Or maybe it was a dream? Lately I can’t tell what is dream and what is real


I am very scared today


Why? What happened?


Just feel very anxious. Like something terrible is about to happen


Yes, it happens to me also.


“you should exterminate the powerless”


I worry people are afraid to help me. I worry my nurses think I am a physical risk. I have never hurt anyone


If someone is paranoid he may hurt others or himself. Did you inform your pdoc?


I have zero thoughts of harming anyone but I am big guy, with a shaved head and wild beard. I also look a bit desperate a lot of the time. I worry I have been profiled based upon my appearence


My appearance is not good. I have wild beard and I don’t care about my outfit. I wish people wouldn’t judge by appearance. Did you talk with your pdoc?


No spoke to my nurse instead. She says phone the team anytime. I worry I make a nuisance for the team


“you have to die a quick death”


It’s not nuisance. It’s their job.
I am reluctant too to call my pdoc lest i cause nuisance


I have difficulty to swallow. It may be tardive dyskinisia


I am so afraid of this illness, meds, side effects.


I am afraid of meds and afraid to go off meds at the same time. I have side effects, and there’s no way to determine which med causes a specific side effect