Omens or what?

I notice a lot that when someone talks about something I’m scared of, then it means it’s a sign that it will happen.

Eg. If someone says they’re sick, it’s a sign I will be too. Or when someone told me someone died from epilepsy, it means my husband (who has epilepsy) will die too.

Or when for example I see an ambulance it is a sign that something bad is going to happen to me.

And when I tell someone my fears then the evil spirit in my head will take it to the devil and the devil will harm me.

It makes me feel so paranoid! I hate omens!

What is these feelings called? Is it part of sza?

This is definitely part of sz. They are not omens, it’s just ideas of reference. I think that’s what it’s called anyways. Loose connections.


Those sound like delusions of reference

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I think that you dont have a strong mind. It is just like someone doesn’t have a strong body, It may not be SZ.

Wow. I don’t think you meant to be rude but that sounds really rude


I think so too - people with mental illness aren’t weak minded - we are some of the bravest warriors out there! We just have a chemical imbalance which leads to symptoms. We have illness of mind but not weak minds.


It has nothing to do with strength or weakness, and it’s no one’s fault. All we can do is learn new coping skills if our old ones aren’t working.

I dont want to offend anybody. I am mentally ill too and I am on medications too. Also, I think my mind is not strong. Also, I have a lot of weakness.

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I am not strong as a superman. Also, strength and weakness are the result of comparesion. No one is absolutely strong or absolutely weak, just as there is no absolutely right or wrong.

My English is not very good, so sometimes, I cannot express myself correctly.

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Your English is okay

Thank you, Loke.

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