Hi guys im taking olanzapine just wanted to know how long does it take before the medicine stops working. I mean when the body gets used to the medicine and has no effect.

I’ve become tolerant to it’s side effects, but it’s never stopped working despite never being the magic bullet I’d hope it to be… I’m on 15mg at night.

how long have you been on olanzapine? and what dose were you on when started? after how long did they increase the medication

I’ve been on my my current dosage for over 5 years and started on 15mg this time, so no titration.

I’ve been on about 5 different ap’s and it was my first and I titrated from 5mg to 10mg, but never found it much help.

I am taking olanzapine. I take 5mg…if i take10mg i get ocular dysfunction…eyes turn on top of the head. I fight that with muscle relaxant.

I feel extremly tired.

No more side effects.

Fixes thoughts very well…relaxes body.

I have taken it for 4 years or more. When i tryed coming off of it i found myself braindead. Couldnt even.cut salad.

I read online that olanz. Stops working in 5 days. I got braindead 3 days after stopping taking it.

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