Can olanzapine suddenly stop working?

Can it? Im wondering if that has happened with me?

I’ve read before that APs can stop working, yes. I’m not so sure about “suddenly”. I would guess it would be more gradual, but I don’t know for sure.

Some people just need an increased dose when they build a “tolerance” I believe.

But this is all just stuff I’ve run across before on the forum and looked online for answers, so take it with a grain of salt.

I would ask your pdoc if you want definitive answers.

Drinking alcohol will stop it from working.

The onky thing i have been drinking is water and green tea. But over a while i have been noticing more paranoid

Maybe the dosage is to low.

How can it be though. It worked for a while

Dunno, I’d talk to a doctor about your concerns if I were you.

I’m on olanzapine 10mg now, so I hope not lol

What are your symptoms?

Feeling like people are watching me and im a target
Colours seem brighter