Oh, thats what they meant?

A guy said that i didn’t care the other day.

I thought “what? no, i care a fair amount, alot of bad things in the world and i want to fix them.”

All that he meant though was that i don’t enjoy life on earth, “would you care for this or that?”, “I would really care for a soda.”

I didn’t understand that is what he meant though, i thought that he was calling me cruel.


Caring, why use the same word for very different things?

On a side note the same guy heard me coughing after a cigarette and told me to “go die quietly.” I became livid of course, to be honest with all of the pain im in i wanted to walk over to him and commence punching his little goddam face into his little ugly fuqing skull.

If that is what caring means, then no i don’t care for this life very much, and there isn’t anything wrong with that in the least.

go die quietly is a figure of speech. Taken literally I can see how it would sound cruel.

It seems the English language is full of double meanings or contradictions. It’s a phrase I use when talking to some people. I think it really means the opposite. Since you aren’t dying can you stop making so much noise. Thinking about it now it is not a good saying.

geeze sounds like a jerk! I don’t enjoy it when people say things to me that have double meaning. They usually end up making fun of me for not figuring it out though and I end up feeling dumb so kudos for deciphering it! …and for not punching him

I feel the same way.