Why do I care?

I attract all kinds of bitches and bastards. They’ll look at you on a bus all I’m gonna jump or dirty looks. Feck hell

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it’s all to common today that people project their negative thinking on to others.

those on public transportation feel the need to protect themselves first by fronting before they get fronted on.

best to ignore them. you care for several reasons. though i’ve never been fond of the word care in this instance, i think when you use the word here it means why does it bother you.

we all share something and when that is encroached upon by people not taking responsibility for themselves it affects us in a negative albeit tiny way.

thick skin, letting it slide off, how ever anyone want’s to put it. consider it daily practice. we are creatures of habit and constantly learn and practice many things in life.

if we let other people’s negativity infect us then we let it affect us. your only human and will stumble from time to time.

idk you that well but it seems this is one of those moments you wish it doesn’t affect you. just get your day over with, keep from ruminating on it the best you can and wake up and try again tomorrow luv.

that’s all there is to it sometimes.


Live your life I was told. I should smile more often


shorter and simply. you put it much better than i.

good advice :wink:


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