Oh my what is Sheri to do

Alch doesn’t do that to everybody. I’m never angry when drunk.

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Don’t encourage her to drink @GEDchill.

I’m her friend. Just chatting with her.

Did i mention @anon54386108 never responds to my posts except negatively and never gets suspended.


We have a disturbance here,

Can you back on duty ?

Everyone needs to stop posting.

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I consider her a close friend of mine.

No one asked you.


I don’t get suspended because I don’t come on here drunk and combative.

Guys, please stop posting.

Fine. I’m not putting up with this. I’ve nothing to prove.

Freaking battle royale going on here. Take a breather!

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@ninjastar @anon9798425 @ZombieMombie


Grow up.


I consider @anon54386108 a good friend. We need to stop personally attacking each other. It’s fine that some of you don’t get along with each other but no personal attacks are necessary. Let’s all call it a night and come back tomorrow. @Daze good night.

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I consider @anon54386108 a friend as well.
She has helped me numerous times with her sound advice.

Stop being confrontational @GEDchill.

@ZombieMombie @ninjastar @anon9798425

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What to suspend @Daze??

You people suck. Why should i stay anyway.



This is why I prefer to hang out with people who smoke weed rather than drink.



No, I think you should come back a little later. I think it would be good if we all got some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

She never gave me an inch of advice.

It’s selective hearing on this site unless it’s coming down on you she’s good at that.

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