Oh my what is Sheri to do


You need a trigger warning.

What the fu-ck! People who will not respond to my posts @jukebox @chordy @everhopeful @Leaf. Too selfish.

I’m not being selfish…you are in a bad place right now with Phil so I understand your drunken lashing out at me…I feel bad for you @Daze but you won’t listen to anything anyone posts on your threads so why do you care if I post or not? I think you are trying to make me angry but I am not going to buy it.

Not just this but everything I post. You re not a friend even though we have history. I figure out who cares.

Images of abusive relationships are just upsetting, I’m sorry it seems interesting to you I guess. I don’t know why you’ve summoned me. It seems you want my attention but I’m not sure why you would want my attention at all. I hope you have a good evening.

Why don’t you just admit it you’ve never commented to a single post of mine.

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I tend not to respond to you because we have a rocky history.

Thank you. I knew it. You were suicidal and I told you to think of the CF’er. Did you want my sympathy for you?

I don’t remember that, I remember you being rude and obviously drunk on several occasions and I thought you got special treatment for being allowed to post while drunk all the time. I didn’t understand why you got special treatment. But I understand now.


Stop drinking.

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Oh f-uck-ing sh-it I’m not rude I’m strong willed and honest. Try it!

I sense weakness which is my accolade or major problem. I can size somebody up in 5 minutes.

Get off the forum and stop drinking.

Dear Lord, Daze.

The post slipped past me but I wouldn’t have been interested in it anyway. I don’t need anger and abuse discussions especially if it’s not even about one of us.


I always thought my father was an angry and rude person, but now I can see what alcohol truly does to people; man or woman.

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Did I offend you in some way today? @Daze

@Daze I like you but it hurts me to know that you are allowing yourself to be continuously abused.
The drinking is also taking its toll on you.

You look very tired and worn down in your photos.

You deserve better.

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Whatsup dazzzze! I’ve been drinking too. Hope you’re having a good night. Let me know if Phil ever leaves so I can swoop in. Lol :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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