So Sheri is lazy, isolated, workless, abnormal, drunkard, dead beat, unsuccessful

hmmm, so much I’ve done. so much.

Are you ok?

Who is Sheri? 666999

Those are all untrue about you.

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me honey, that’s my name.

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Sheri is Daze

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Can I follow you on your FB page or would you consider that creepy?

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@Daze Don’t beat yourself up

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@Daze, you are not any of these things that you posted!
I really, really think that you’re amazing, sociable, hard-working, beautiful, creative, successful- all those things. I really think that you have a value in this world, and I love you, and I appreciate you. I think you’re beautiful just the way you are. Please don’t think that you’re not worth it. You are amazing. <3


You might add “And never knew what hit.” If you knew, you’d have answers. You’re excused, now.

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thank you so much, that was truly kind!

No problem! I truly meant everything I said, seriously. :slight_smile:
How’s your day? It’s been a while since we’ve talked!

I got things done so far. Want to do more.

We’ll see. You are sincere, it means a lot, thanks.

What’s new in your world?

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That comes over me too like a black cloud. I have to see it through to the other side. You must know somewhere it is not true. My wife is the same way kind of a type ‘A’ always has to be doing some thing and when you dip you are probably tired. I take those thoughts captive- put them in a little jail cell and forget about them

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