Oh my what is Sheri to do

You need to stop drinking @Daze

Not sure how long you’ve been on here but we’ve had thread after thread about drinking. You must have been reading your bible and denying.

The Bible says not to drink in excess to get drunk. It says nothing about not drinking but common sense says that if you’re from a family that has alcoholics you should not touch the stuff. My grandfather was an alcoholic so I rarely drink.

Anyway there’s so much hatred on here it’s terribly sad. I’ve done my part to offer anything I could and got nothing in return. Goodbye. No apologies.

Lot of people here are rooting for you @Daze. Please take care of your health.


Awww, come on people, it’s Christmas. Lets all go out together and knock on peoples doors and sing Christmas Carols. All the hostility will melt away after a nice mug of hot chocolate afterwards at my place.


sings along

Oh Come all ye faithful, schizo and affective,
Oh come ye to Loraz-e-pam


I think we are moving away from being civil and supportive in this thread. . I spent years coming here looking for a fight and in the end it’s not worth it. Be nice to each other and don’t bait the others. It’s not hard to ignore those who you don’t agree with.


Lol, @rogueone. Ya think? But I agree. Don’t bait, and don’t take the bait.

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