Oh my god I stink

Blech I need a shower. Stiiiiinky!


Me too.

Just noticed this morning as I was getting dressed,

Starting to smell a little bit under the arms.

I’ve given myself a tomorrow deadline to bathe.


Yeah me too. :grinning:

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i’m getting a haircut tomorrow

what you guys been doing? lol

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I need a shower, but been cold hate the thought of getting in there

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We have no water even though the power is back on. The pump quit. We are all getting stinky and two of us have gone to friends’ houses to shower.

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It’s bath day for me so I don’t start to get ripe

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I wish I could bathe but I’m scared with my mobility issues I won’t be able to get out of the tub

oooh you need a walk in tub, even I want one of those

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