Slight mania can be good

so i have been so full of energy lately it is a bit scary sometimes, my thoughts were racing a bit at one point but i managed to slow down with a nice drink and chill out at a coffee shop,

anyway what i was going to say or ask was do you think that maybe a litle mania is good for me? i think it could be if i use it properly, i need to try and harness this energy and use it for good, be more productive with my time, i love going out now and i can do so much more now it is quite overwhelming, i seem to be able to cope with a lot more than i use to, i did a lot yesterday (with breaks of course) and also again today :slight_smile:

i feel very proud of myself and also grateful and blessed that i am able to get this, i seem to be getting it from somewhere as if someone is looking out for me, things seem to just all be fitting together very nicely and i must say that i blame God for that bc he can see that i do good and he wants to give back and show that he cares and maybe that he is sorry and is trying to make up for lost time, he has his own way of dealing with things i think :wink: thanks for listening

but yeah, mania, i want to use it for good, i want to do a bit of work, i know a guy from church who might help me and i am keen on getting it going, would be awesome, bit of painting and decorating maybe :slight_smile: use my mania in my favour, why not is what i say lol.


Coffee can induce slight mania and feelings of euphoria in schizophrenics. Everything in moderation!

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lots of things can, i think it was bc i stopped a drug called Omeprazole and i am now taking it as needed, i think it was holding back the mania from my anti-anxiety meds

Maybe enjoy it while it lasts then. You’re brain chemistry might readjust soon and the feeling of slight mania might go away.


well i dont want to burn out, thats the worry

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…is generic for Prilosec, a stomach acid controller.

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That drug is just for acid reflux though, it would be an interesting side effect if it contained mania. Did you change your coffee drinking habits recently? If so then maybe that’s it. Coffee shops sometimes put up to 3 shots of espresso into e.g. a large latte or cappuccino.

I’d cut down on stimulants for a while though, like coffee, if you’re worried about burning out. Also be careful committing to big projects, as this energy boost might end in a month.

All just my opinion though, grain of salt included.

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i dont drink much coffee, have been drinking more coolers and iced frappes but not all the time,

maybe it is a spiritual high :slight_smile:

Smart. Because that’s the risk. I am rapid cycling bipolar with psychotic manifestations when I am “high” (as well as high on drugs; I don’t go there anymore at all). I have to watch my tendency to get over-stimulated very carefully. I tried to do that for years without adequate tools, and the stuff would sort of “slip past my guard gate.” Then I found the mindfulness therapies like DBT, ACT, MBSR, MBBT, etc. Now I have a pretty good set of “early warning” devices.

And, yes, for me a slight mania is helpful if I use the mindfulness tools to keep it focused on things the way they actually are instead of my compulsive fantasies. (I relate a lot to people on Latuda who can manage what it does because they’ve been adequately trained to do so.)


sounds like you have been building defences up, you sound like you are very well educated in these realms, i hope to be one day too :slight_smile: maybe not an expert but you know…

I did it one day at a time over the course of the last 12 years. It’s not that difficult if one starts with the basics of psychology and psychiatry, and climbs up the scaffolds one level at a time. Pretty much everything I needed to know is now online or available online very inexpensively… but one has to pick and choose carefully through the tremendous amount of BS out there. Hence having to get the basics down first.

well i am well enough now to consider doing a little part time work and starting college part time in august doing a social care course, its all paid for by the state so no worries, i just want to be a humble mental health worker talking to patients, being a ear to listen to and just basically all round helper. no fancy psychology, just basics and my own experience is all that i need to get me by,

i am learning about myself everyday and as my father use to say ‘you’ve got to use what you have got’ or in his own words ‘you can only pish with the cock that you’ve got’ sorry for the language but it was the only way he could say it lol.

I learned the hard way not to limit myself to what my mind tells me I can and cannot do. I never thought back then I’d get to where I am now.

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i’m not limiting myself, i am just setting the bar low so that if i ever cross it then everything else is a bonus haha, if you know what i mean

I do. Believe me.

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you sound like you have come out of the other side, like a proper doctor of something lol

The part that bothers me is that if the mania leads to depression. But who knows

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It’s only good/productive if it stays at “slight mania” but that often isn’t the case.

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I enjoy a slight mania, but if I am manic at all I am close to twisting off into a psychosis. I need to rein it in when I get that.


i hear you there, i have been finding it hard to calm down, its getting harder to relax and the thoughts start racing and that, it gets very worrying, was on the brink of phoning a helpline but sweep distracted me for a while and i calmed down a bit, god knows how she did it.

idk if it is mania or if i’m just highly motivated, i feel full of energy idk maybe testosterone, adrenaline, seratonin, i thought it might even be spiritual energy but that is really hard to believe, i do get energy from being christian but it is usually only limited to church.