Off my meds for a week

I just don’t see the point in them. At best they are mind numbing and with it i gain weight and feel drowsy all the time. I feel suicidal but even with meds i still feel that way. Im trapped

I’m sorry, @KingKazuma. It sucks to have to deal with the side effects of meds. There is no easy answer. Does your pdoc know that you are off of your meds? Is there something else that they could give you to try?


Just be careful, if your symptoms get worse, maybe you should start up again. I think maybe instead of giving up on meds altogether, maybe you should talk to your doctor about a different treatment plan.
If you are drinking alcohol, that would also contribute to weight gain and drowsiness, as well as depression. It would also interfere with your meds being able to work.
Sorry you are going through such a hard time. I hope you will find a way to deal with all of your issues without giving up on treatment.


You’re doing much much much better since you were on meds. I remember some of your older posts.

I think coming off meds is a really bad idea.

Have you spoken to your doctor about an antidepressant if you’re not on one? Or switching meds even ?


I would get back on your meds pronto @KingKazuma.
You could easily get destabilized and end up hurting yourself or others.
Please reconsider.


Kazuma your going to have withdrawals if you do that it’s unsafe.

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Be wary.

I quit my meds once and I made it five days.

Was completely out of my mind. My wife told me either I can take you to the hospital or somebody is coming to get you. Fortunately I went before all the really crazy hallucinating started.

I was on suicide watch the first night and hallucinated some really crazy stuff. Thankfully I was already in the hospital.


Before being court-ordered to take injections I went off my meds all the time. I LIKED going off my meds cuz I felt creative and smart again…and EVERY time I ended up in the hospital, usually within a couple of weeks. Please consider talking to your pdoc about a new/different regimen. It’s a lot better option than ending up with a judge making your medication decisions!


Not safe to go off meds cold turkey. But I agree somewhat. I also feel like my meds have done nothing for my delusion (thinking every adult person or a large percent is telepathic). But at the same time afraid to go off them. It also doesn’t help when it is possible most APs are causing our brains to melt away in a sense that we are losing lots of grey matter. Not 100 on whether it’s the meds or the disease though.

The thing about going of meds and relapsing is that it seems that if you start to relapse, and then go back on meds, you are still going to be facing the symptoms of the relapse until the meds kick in again. It’s just not generally a good idea to go of of meds except under the supervision of your doctor. I’ve seen too many bad endings in this situation when people go off meds.


You really should discuss this with your doctor, he may have alternatives you could try,

I thought I’d be ok off meds, I was wrong :unamused:


I really wouldn’t do that! Last time was last year when I quit my meds, I lost lots of weight and I made a psychosis. Now I am fat again, but I prefer it to being psychotic


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