Of course, I deny being sick

Hey there, first time I post something. Just feeling to share my personal experience - could go on on a lot of things, but basically I feel like my life would have been and would completely different if it was not me imagining or hearing a fg name (first and last name) every couple of hours. Each time a hear or imagine hearing that fg name, I instantly develop every single and imaginable symptoms of Sz. Sorry for the swearing. Any advice or clue. I don’t take meds, but reading more and more stuff on the topics. My life is manageable - or I think it is, depending on the perspective one’s take. Thank for listening anyhow.

Is the name connected to you in any way? Like a relative or ex?

Some one whom I knew like 15-20 years ago, but whom is still in relation with someone I know - confronted him 10 years ago (or so), denied having anything to do with it (said basically that it was in my head). Last time I saw the woman / actually hear words coming out of her mouth was in 2001. Heard / imagine her name for the first time in 2006. Thanks for replying, I greatly appreciate.

It prop is a “hang up” in your brain. Like a piece of music can get stuck in your head. Maybe you want to contact her? Music in the head eventually vanish when you sing the song out loud. Atleast for me. Have you tried that? Say her name out loud? Maybe it will release its grip of your brain?

Tried it once a second ago, funny thing - it’s almost as if my wall answered me back what I wanted it to say (another name which resonate in my brain as reassuring - maybe I’m a bit of a coward… couple of years ago, I would have probably went to sleep telling myself that the best for me would be to be in her face first thing tomorrow morning. Now, dunno, not so sure about taking any action involving my real body - after all, isn’t in my head? In 2006, I made an 18 hours bus trips just to punch the guy whom happen to know her.