I keep hallucinating and fixating on my name

MY brain keeps doing this thing where I hyperfocus on my name. I hear it everywhere, in every song, every sound, every sentence. And if I don’t hear it in a sentence, it reverbs in my head until my brain can impose the name and make me think I remember hearing it.

It’s so stressful
How do I make it stop? It mostly happens at night, and it’s gotten worse since I started taking Sertraline (Zoloft) in the mornings.

How’re your sleep patterns? Speech rapid? Racing thoughts?

I worry of the Zoloft triggering a little mania which is making your symptoms worse. But I’m no substitute for a Pdocs advice.

Sorry you’re suffering. Wishing you some relief.

i got this a lot, its common i think, lots of things sound like my name too so its easy to think its about me, i just try and not let it bother me, meds help me from getting symptoms

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