I keep hearing my name being called

If I’m wearing headphones or I’m in a noisy place or doing something noisy, I keep thinking I faintly hear someone calling my name or talking to me.

I’ve stopped reacting to it altogether, which means people have to get in my line of sight and wave their arms if they want my attention from afar.

I also keep thinking I vaguely hear my phone ringing.

It’s starting to become bothersome.

It’s embarassing to look around to see someone yelling, or to ask people “did you say something?” When they didn’t.

How can I get rid of it?


Hmm. . .

Do You Consider Thus Experience A Hallucination Alongside The Others You May Or May Not Hear?.

That’s the game of schizophrenia I suppose my dear sorry to hear you’re having hallucinations. I use to have that when I first became schizophrenics. Pills and sleep the only way I’ve been able to over come it. They help you relax and forget about them and maybe fix something by with the brain

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Hmm. . .

Seems Plausible @ThePoet. Seems Like It Jus Might Be…, A Hallucination.

Another Unique Form Of Sadness And Despair Perhaps. . .

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Oh yeah - i get my (old) name shouted in my left ear when im in bed at times and when im in town.

Just lay off the caffiene and make sure you dont get over-tired - get your sleep in and of course take the meds.

It might be something you have to learn to live with. Headphones are a good idea :frowning:


Try to get your stress under control. When I’m over stressed I hear my name a lot. Get plenty of sleep. Eat 3 regular meals a day. Drink plenty of water. Limit caffeine to 1 or 2 beverages a day. Get regular exercise. Meditate. Talk to someone about your troubles. These are the things you can do to keep your stress down.


I’ll hear my name shouted out once in a while.
This happens with “normal” people as well.

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Ya know I read somewhere that 80% of mobile phone users will at some point think they’re getting a call or a message when they’re not


Yup. Call my name from behind me, spirits.

Usually in a harsh tone, not friendly.

Sorry you’re dealing with them dude.

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I slipped away in the hospital getting even more lost maybe totally and heard concerned voices calling my name. This morning I heard one say " I’m glad you’re back." I had far worse symptoms in the hospital.

I got so tired of hearing my name called that I began to respond to the voices “that’s not my name” or “I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

It’s just background babble. It’s kind of like if you put a few monkey’s on keyboards and let them type aimlessly that eventually, they will type out the entire works of Shakespeare. If you’re in a crowed mall or restaurant with lots of people talking, eventually some of the sounds they make are going to sound like your name. I say this because it used to happen to me. I tried not to focus on it and the problem rarely happens anymore.

I’m sorry you’re struggling with that. It’s so hard when you further remove yourself from reality (not by choice ofc) because you think reality is just another hallucination. I’ve started getting this too. I’m a newbie so it’s always “”"""""""“great”""""""""" getting new stuff. Good luck I hope things improve for you. :slight_smile:

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yeah, it’s disturbance in the airwaves, noise, I get it. Name called out, loud, from the other room, or aways away.

I used to rarely hear my name being called on 3-4mg Risperdal but not anymore since I am on 6mg. Pretty sure now I dont have positive symptoms anymore but somehow I became hypersensitive to horror and scary stuff, I cant play scary video games either and used to love Doom before sz.

I cant even watch sick ppl or blood like my favorite show Dr House. Maybe its the low dopamine as I read it can cause hypersensitivity and ADHD, they said ADHD patients are hypersensitive and have low dopamine. Antipsychotics block dopamine.

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I hear my name being called sometimes too… it woke me up the other night… I also hear other people’s names as well.

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@Pikasaur I hear happy birthday being sung a lot at the moment. It’s triggering to me but I can’t explain why here. I try listening to lofi on my headphones as I find it engaging without my mind over analysing lyrics etc. Thats how I got through the other night anyway.

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